“The music here is unfailingly simple and effective and so ingeniously obvious you wonder why no-one else thinks of these brilliant solutions to making electronic music (…) Order a copy of this release instantly!”
– Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector, 2011-04-17 | Read the review | Listen to the radio show

7/10 “Conrad Schnitzler (Tangerine Dream, Kluster, Eruption) is moving toward the future, entering a series of disjointed collaborations with Norwegian Noise Orchestra performer and critic, Bjorn Hatterud. (…) For a collection of unwanted tracks, Hirschgebrull is a rather thought-provoking and forward-looking release.”
– Nicholas Zettel, Foxy Digitalis, 2011-05-02 | Read the review

“Exhilaratingly heavy electronics (…) from sublimely spatialized and haunted digital signals to asphyxiating, intensely powerful metallic shudders. F**king ace!”
– Boomkat | Read the review

“An excellent album of bouncing, non-rhythmic electronics.”
– Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly number 766, 2011-02-01 | Read the review

“Hirschgebrüll never feels like it’s trying to be more than what it is, which is two guys having fun making something.”
– Bill Meyer, Dusted Magazine, 2011-08-08 | Read the review

“„Hirschgebrüll“ ist ein Album voller tiefer, dumpfer und unruhiger Klänge, das in seinen infernalischen Momenten durchaus auch Black Metal-Fans mit Blick über den Tellerrand gefallen könnte (man denke an Schnitzlers oft erwähnte Zusammenarbeit mit MAYHEM). In jedem Fall gelingt den beiden die Umsetzung einer ganz eigenen Vision elektronischer Geräuschmusik.”
(“Hirschgebrüll is an album full of deep, gloomy and restless sounds, that in some infernal moments definitely may also please black metal fans who think outside of the box (keeping in mind Schnitzler’s often mentioned collaboration with Mayhem). In any case, the two manage to implement their very own vision of electronic noise music.”
– U. Schneider, Black Magazine Online | Read the review (in German)

“Jeg kan jo like godt si det med en gang: Jeg digger denne platen noe helt ekstremt. Den har stått på repeat og full guffe siden kom i posten, og den vokser seg sterkere for hver runde. (…) Årets beste plate. Ingen tvil. 2011 blir et godt år, soundtracket er her allerede.”
(“I might as well say it at once: I dig this record extremely much. It has been on repeat and max volume since it arrived in the mail, and it grows stronger with every listen (…) Album of the year. No doubt. 2011 will be a good year, the soundtrack is already here.”)
– Tommy Olsson, Morgenbladet, 2011-01-14 | Read the review (in Norwegian)

6/6 “Deilig dissonans (…) Den stadige forandringen i musikken, kombinert med platens stemningsmessige spennvidde, gjør at Hirschgebrüll kan tilby noe til alle og enhver, så lenge lytteren viser et snev av utforskertrang. I så fall vil vedkommende finne gull.”
(“Delicious dissonance (…) The constant musical change, combined with the album’s mood range, makes Hirschgebrüll a record that has something to offer everyone, as long as the listener wants to explore. If so, he/she will find gold.”)
– Oda Faremo Lindholm, Dagsavisen, 2011-01-18 | Read the review (in Norwegian)

7/10 “Lyden er av ypperste klasse, utførelsen likeså. Coveret er utsøkt og alt ligger til rette for en svært stor musikalsk opplevelse. Anbefales herved å ta turen inn i denne duoens musikalske univers med første mulighet.”
(“The sound is of the highest class, the execution likewise. The cover is exquisite and everything is prepared for a very big musical experience. I recommend to take a trip into this duo’s musical universe at the first opportunity.”)
– Tore Stemland, Musikk fra Norge, 2011-01-10 | Read the review (in Norwegian)

“Hirschgebrüll er en serie støyete, ambiente komposisjoner som drar deg inn og holder deg hardt fast, for alltid.”
(“Hirschgebrüll is a series of noisy, ambient compositions that drags you in and keeps you in a tight grip, for ever.”)
– Roger Hansen, Ny Musikk Hver Dag, 2011-01-09 | Read the review (in Norwegian)

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