R.I.P. Conrad Schnitzler (1937-2011)

Posted: August 6, 2011 in News

I am very sad to inform you that Conrad Schnitzler passed away two days ago, on August 4th, 2011, at the age of 74. He had cancer and was given a maximum of six months to live, but death came to him much sooner than we expected.

I was in touch with Conrad as late as one week before he passed away. In one of his last e-mails he wrote about death. He said he wanted to go fast. And he ended the e-mail by saying «I want to make no-one sad. Everybody must go, so no prob for me.» I can’t tell you how hard it is to follow this last wish right now.

Conrad left us his works, a huge contribution to the music history through more than 40 years. It was a great honour and an immense pleasure working with Con. He was a fantastic musician, and a truly great man. His music will live on, and our memories of him will never fade.

Bjørn Hatterud

  1. Allan says:

    really sad news…..RIP Con.

  2. This was very sad news indeed. I have been listening to Conrad since the mid 70s and was lucky enough to exchange a number of letters/e-mail with him over the last 20+ years. I was even lucky enough to buy a copy of the “Works In Progress” box set that he had found in a storage room. It’s one of the many prized releases I have of his. He was truly a genius and the electronic music world owes so much to his pioneering ways. A very sad loss indeed.

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